Hello everyone!

As I had said before, I had been looking for the best location possible to host a website, so I could continue the work, that I was doing on my Suspended account on Twitter.

I chose a provider that is distant and in a country that provides laws for whistleblowers protection and with freedom of expression, when it comes to the public exposure of crimes.

This site will be in either English and Portuguese, because I believe, it will aid in it’s projection, among those that don’t speak our language. I might consider adding more languages, in the future, but for that, I might need the help from the community.

This will be a platform not only for information but also for collaboration, so feel free to send any data, information and expose crimes that you think, we should look into, so we can fight the crime wave that is hitting Portuguese sports and all the correspondent ramifications.

Last, but no least, soon I will start a collaboration with a podcast, where we can discuss, exchange opinions and continue exposing these crimes.

Without further adieu,

See you soon!

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